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All About LMR

I have been an RC enthusiast for over 23 years with tonnes of experience across a wide range of RC models. My speciality is with RC cars, being a professional RC Racer for the past 15 years. Travelling around the world competing at events has helped me to experience the pressures of good and bad moments. Becoming a 6 x European Champion in the process and multiple World top 3.

The exposure that these accomplishments have brought with them has opened up a new industry of film and TV work. Starting off by being contacted to do some work on BBC's Top gear and then moving into different types of work, including Tracking cars, RC Tracking, Rc models and RC cars used to mimic the movements of Robots in adverts for Centre Parcs. 

I am now taking my knowledge and experiences to new levels assisting this industry to get the shots they need using RC vehicles, Russian Arm Tracking cars as well as creating one off RC models to fit the requirements of the client. 

If you would like to get in touch with us about how we can help with your RC project, please use the contact us page 

About Me: Bio
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