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RC Models

Custom made RC cars taken from design to reality using our in-house engineers and extensive industry knowledge to provide an efficient and cost effective solution to our clients requirements 

RC Models: Projects
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Ford Puma ST

In this project we got involved from the start as we completed the RC car build and assisted with the body production.  We were given the brief to make a 1/10th scale version of the new Puma ST which required some modifications to an existing available RC model. 

We were requested to arrange RC camera cars for the shoot to film the RC car travelling at speed and at ground level. 

Lee and co-pilot Lewis Jones attended Brands Hatch circuit to complete the shoot with Ford of Europe's marketing team, which was a great success. Lee was also the star of the video in a race with WRC Rally driver Louise Cook. 

The video is a promotional 2 minute YouTube video for Ford Europe.


Center Parcs

Center Parcs made contact with us to help with a project which required an RC car and driver. The car was used to create the visual effect of a robot moving through the leaves and shrubs in the forest.

We were contracted to purchase and build the required model with enhancements. These were to assist with the disturbances of foliage to give an authentic feel when CGI was added.

Lee piloted the RC truck through the dirt pathways at Sherwood Forest Center Parcs. This footage allowed the VFX team to super impose a Robot over the top of the RC car.

The advert was for mainstream viewing and used annually to promote Center Parcs on TV and in Cinemas. 


McDonalds Chicken Legend - Fearless

An exciting project to make a Chicken fly? Sounds  right up our street! 

This was another build/drive project as we built a car capable of such a big jump. McDonalds wanted us to jump not 1, but 2 delivery lorries! We set to work to build an off road RC truck capable of going over 80mph. We would then assist with the build of the jumps that would achieve this feat. By the end of the long days filming, we had completed the jump many times over with Lee testing his flying skills and even achieved a non-official World Record for the distance (where are the Guinness World Record judges when you need them)!

This was all for an advertising campaign for the McDonalds Chicken Legend which got over 2.5 million views and dubbed the most successful chicken promotion in 2014. :) 

How to Spend it Well At Christmas

This was a fun day out! Lee got to test out some RC toys that were being released for Christmas and tested out by not only Lee, but Philip Schofield, Billy Monger and RC driver Chris James for Philips show on ITV.

This aired for the 2019 Christmas and was a major part of the episode in that series. 

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